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Felisha McBride

Executive Director

Felisha earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work from the College of the Bahamas in 2008 and subsequently secured employment with the Department of Rehabilitative/Welfare Services.  She worked in the said capacity for eleven years. However, her passion for helping individuals and families overcome obstacles to move forward and thrive grew during that time, hence, the decision to pursue a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Liberty University.


After graduating in 2018, Felisha began her professional journey as a part-time lecturer at the University of the Bahamas. In January 2020, she transitioned to a full-time role at the Bahamas Resilience Center, where she now serves as the Executive Director. Recognizing the critical need for research in her field, Felisha pursued further education and was awarded the Trailblazer Full Tuition Scholarship in 2021. She subsequently joined Regent University, where she is currently in her third year of the Ph.D. program in Counseling and Psychological Studies with a specialization in Global Mental Health.

Felisha's research focus centers on exploring the barriers that impede the provision and utilization of mental health services in the Bahamas. She is dedicated to shedding light on the challenges faced by individuals in accessing appropriate mental health support and identifying strategies to improve the delivery and accessibility of these services. Through her research, Felisha aims to contribute to the advancement of mental health care in the Bahamas and enhance the overall well-being of its population.


She has three children, Jameir,  Faiya & Faliya McBride.

Jennifer Barnabie 

Program and Partnership Manager 

Jennifer Barnabie is an accomplished Program and Partnership Manager who brings a wealth of expertise to her role, with a strong dedication to service and creating positive change. Her background as a veteran educator and a proven track record of volunteer work with organizations like the Red Cross and the Bahamas Girl’s Guide Association, Jennifer's passion shines through in her mission to build resilient communities.

Jennifer's experience as an educator is complemented by her training in psychosocial support, including psychological first aid, which equips her with valuable skills to address the emotional and psychological needs of individuals. 

Through her efforts, Jennifer has developed innovative programs and initiatives that focus on holistic wellness and foster community engagement. She understands the importance of awareness-raising and stigma reduction in promoting mental health. 

Jennifer's exceptional commitment to the Grand Bahama community is evident in her work to create opportunities that enhance well-being and build a strong local and national network. Her background in education, training in psychosocial support, and experience as a volunteer with the Red Cross collectively contribute to her capacity for creative program planning and effective networking. Jennifer's dedication continues to play a pivotal role in transforming her community and making a positive impact on individuals' lives.Since 2020, she has been a presenter/instructor for the National Youth Leadership Certification Program covering Stress Management and Conflict Resolution as well as The Ministry of Youth Job Readiness Program.

Service with integrity and passion is her mandate.


Dr. Andy Laing 

Clinical Consultant

Dr. Andy Laing is presently employed as a lecturer at the University of the Bahamas with responsibility for the school of social work at the Northern Bahamas campus and works with our staff part-time. He formerly worked as a police officer, a probation officer with the Ministry of Social Services, and a social worker with Health Social Services. He has also worked as an adjunct lecturer at Terreve College where he taught introductory psychology and social work courses. He received his Associate of Arts degree in Psychology and Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from the College of The Bahamas.

He later matriculated into Barry University where he received his Master of Social Work. Andy received his Doctor of Education degree in Community Care and Counseling with a concentration in Traumatology. His research interests include fostering posttraumatic growth, empirically supported treatments for trauma, burnout, and national-level responses to disaster trauma. In his spare time, Andy enjoys reading, writing, cycling, and spending time on the beach.

Tazia White

Project Administrator

Tazia White graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work from The University of the Bahamas in 2019. Her career journey has encompassed various administrative roles, which uniquely qualify her for her current position due to her social work background and prior accounting experience.

Commencing her professional path as a Case Worker at Caritas in December 2019, Tazia showcased her dedication to supporting others. Her commitment led her to transition to a full-time role at the Grand Bahama Resilience Center in December 2020.

When not immersed in her professional pursuits, Tazia finds solace in the pages of a good book and relishes leisure time spent on the beach.


Stacey Bonnett,


Stacey Bonnett is a counselor and well-being advocate with a background in psychology and professional counseling. She holds a Professional Counseling Diploma from Rhodes Wellness College and is nearing completion of a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio.

Stacey's education and practical experience equips her with deep insights into human behavior and therapeutic techniques. Specializing in trauma-informed approaches, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and guided meditation, she guides individuals through their emotional journeys. Stacey extends her commitment to mental health by volunteering with the Bahamas Red Cross Society and a Community Feeding Program.

Through her career and community involvement, Stacey Bonnett exemplifies a passionate advocate for mental health and personal growth

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